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Safety Hazards Associated with 3D Printers

Today’s 3D printers have the capability of printing everything from jewelry and musical instruments to artificial limbs and other medical devices. The technology is groundbreaking, and the applications are endless. However, employees who work with 3D printers may be exposed to hazardous material that can cause a range of serious health issues. Unfortunately, people generally » Read More

What are the Health Risks of Working Long Hours?

People who work long hours on a regular basis are often exhausted and stressed out. For many of these people, having the weekend to enjoy some rest and relaxation is all they need to de-stress and recharge. However, for some workers, putting in long hours can cause health problems. According to a recent study, working » Read More

What Should U.S. Workers Know About the Coronavirus?

The coronavirus is a respiratory illness that has been linked to a seafood and animal market in Wuhan, China. To date, over 130 people in China have died from the virus, and there are thousands of confirmed cases in China, and several other countries, including the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control » Read More

Occupational Risks of Working with Solvents

Every day, millions of workers in the United States are exposed to different types of solvents, which are chemicals used to thin or dissolve paint, grease, epoxies, adhesives, and coatings. These chemicals can cause a range of health issues, depending on the type of solvent and if they get into the worker’s bloodstream. Employers have » Read More

OSHA Updates Program to Focus on Preventing Amputations in Manufacturing

Amputations are among the most devastating workplace injuries that occur in industrial and manufacturing industries. They can cause severe physical and emotional trauma to the injured worker and, depending on the nature of the injury, prevent the worker from returning to work. Many of these injuries are preventable if employers make safety a priority by » Read More

Understanding the Risks of Combustible Dust Explosions

When it comes to occupational material that can be extremely hazardous, what often comes to mind are acids, heavy metals, pesticides, and other caustic substances. It may come as a surprise to know that dust can be quite hazardous as well. When dust accumulates, and a small fire or explosion shakes up the dust, it » Read More

Start an Employee Wellness Program During American Heart Month

What better time to encourage all employees to make their health a priority and prevent heart disease and stroke than American Heart Month. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is offering a wide range of resources that employers can use to help workers monitor their blood pressure and protect their heart throughout the » Read More

Life-Saving Safety Tips for Operating Heavy Equipment

Go to any busy construction site and you will likely see equipment ranging from bulldozers and excavators to cranes and trenchers. Without these machines, it would be virtually impossible to complete large projects that involve heavy lifting, removal of large amounts of soil and rock, and excavating hard soil layers to build trenches. However, if » Read More

Impact of Migraine Headaches in the Workplace

Anyone who has ever suffered from a migraine headache knows that they can be debilitating. Oftentimes, the only thing a person can do to get any relief is to sleep it off. Unfortunately, migraine headaches are quite common. In fact, Fujitsu Corp. discovered that close to one in five of the 2,400 employees surveyed revealed » Read More

Common Safety Violations Cited at Breweries

Popular beer brands have had to compete with smaller craft breweries growing in popularity over the past decade. However, for the employees who work at these smaller breweries, the safety standards have not always been up to par. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), many craft breweries have been cited for several » Read More