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What are the Most Common Workplace Accidents?

When you wake up for work every day, you are probably not thinking about the possibility of work-related injuries unless you are a safety manager or work for a safety company. This is one of the main reasons why people get injured on the job. Safety is not foremost in their minds, and they go » Read More

Can a Teacher File for Workers’ Compensation?

When most people think about Workers’ Compensation, they think about construction workers getting injured on the job. Rarely do people consider the perils of teachers suffering an on-the-job injury or illness. However, classroom work does involve risk to teachers. If a teacher gets injured at work, filing a Workers’ Compensation claim is not as straightforward » Read More

Which Industries Have the Most Fatal Work Injuries?

Workplace deaths are on the rise across the United States. A combination of specific and generalized dangers within industries and occupations made 2019 the deadliest year for workers in more than a decade. With workplace deaths on the rise, lawyers involved in Workers’ Compensation are handling more cases that need resolutions for the benefit of » Read More

How can Workers Protect Themselves from Falling Objects?

Falling objects at the workplace or job site are a verified hazard. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 241 deaths in 2019 from falling objects or equipment, many of those occurring in the construction industry. Falling objects are also responsible for thousands of worker injuries each year. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports » Read More

What Should Workers Know about Hand Injuries?

The hand is among the most complex parts of the human body. The fascinating movement of tendons, bones, soft tissue, and nerves give humans the power to perform a multitude of tasks from grasping an object to opening a door and tying a shoe. For most workers, hands are essential to perform their job. But » Read More

How can Workers Use Cranes Safely?

Cranes are a common thing to see at construction and industrial sites and are used to handle the majority of the heavy lifting. Without them, companies would not be able to perform essential work to keep them in business. Workers who are around them every day can get used to their presence and become lax » Read More

What Should Workers Know about Back Injuries on the Job?

A back injury may not appear to be a major problem when a person feels that first twinge or pulled muscle in their back. However, these injuries can be quite serious and severe. They can lead to long-term problems associated with posture and mobility throughout the day. Since the back is composed of muscles that » Read More

How can I Prevent a Workplace Strain Injury?

When one thinks of workplace injuries, images of broken bones and neck braces might come to mind. Although these can be very serious and commonplace, repetitive strain injuries and other strain injuries can also be significant, causing a lot of pain and doctor visits, as well as lost time from work. Employees who experience injuries » Read More

What is the Importance of Personal Protective Equipment for Falling Objects on Job Sites?

In construction and other types of job sites, the risk of falling objects from heights is always present. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, every year a staggering 50,000 struck-by-falling-object accidents are reported to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Tools, building materials, and even falling people pose a lethal risk to those » Read More

What Happens at a Workers’ Compensation Hearing in Maryland?

In Maryland and across the United States, a form of financial relief is available to assist individuals who become ill or get injured while on the job. This is known as Workers’ Compensation. Workers’ Compensation benefits are essential for injured or ill employees who not only lose their income, but also rack up costly medical » Read More