What are the Causes of Back Injuries?

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Some workers never report their injuries, or they do not take their injuries seriously. Any back injury suffered at work should be reported right away. Most back injuries are caused by basic factors. When starting a job, workers may assume they will start their tasks instantly, but that is not the case. Even office workers must know how to work safely. The following are common causes of back injuries that every worker should be aware of:

Poor training: Workers who are not taught how to do their jobs properly from the outset are at a much higher risk of injury. Workers must undergo proper training, no matter how simple it is. If workers are not trained properly, accidents and injuries are more likely to occur.

Not lifting properly: If workers do not know how to lift boxes with their hips and legs, they may lift objects with their back and arms instead. The strain put on the back and arms could result in a debilitating injury. Again, this information should be covered during employee training. An employer should also provide employees with a back brace or harness that will help them with heavy lifting.

Not understanding the risks involved: Young workers often believe they can get their work done faster if they take certain risks. Risk is often misperceived because the worker thinks nothing will ever happen to them. No one wants to be a statistic, and workers could be hurt at work at any time if they are not careful. Consider the risks of lifting heavy loads and working with heavy boxes, packages, and materials all day.

Working while angry: When employees are angry at the company, having a bad day, or do not like their supervisor, they often go into an angry working mode. Workers must take a moment to calm down before putting themselves in dangerous situations.

Working too fast: Workers should have realistic expectations at work and know how much work they can reasonably complete in a regular shift.

What Happens If I am Hurt?

Workers should report any workplace injuries to their supervisor at once. Injured workers likely qualify for Workers’ Compensation coverage. If a claim is denied or a worker has any concerns regarding if their injury is covered, reach out to a Baltimore Workers’ Compensation lawyer for help. Workers cannot be fired for reporting an injury at work, and any workplace retaliation is illegal. Any additional problems workers face at work should be reported immediately.

Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton Help Workers Receive Compensation for Back Injuries

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