Cold Weather Safety Tips for Crossing Guards

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If you have young children who walk to school, and they must cross a busy street, there is probably a crossing guard ready to stop traffic and help them cross the street safely. Crossing guards also give parents peace of mind knowing that their children are getting to school safe and sound. However, the cold winter months can be a challenging time for crossing guards. In addition to standing outside in freezing temperatures, they are at risk for being hit by a car if the roads are slippery or if a driver is distracted. The following are safety tips that can help keep crossing guards and school children safe when crossing the street, particularly during the winter months.

  • Make safety a priority. During the morning commute, drivers who are running late for work may race through the crosswalk to avoid having to sit and wait for a group of children to cross the street. If there is inclement weather in the forecast, commuters should give themselves extra time to get to work.
  • Motorists must slow down in school zones. Regardless of the weather, drivers should always reduce their speed when driving in a school zone and leave extra space near a crosswalk.
  • Drivers must understand all school zone rules. In addition to slowing down, motorists must stop 30 feet from a striped crosswalk and always yield to children who are crossing the street
  • Do not crowd the sidewalk. When too many vehicles stop near a crosswalk, it is difficult for crossing guards to see approaching vehicles or watch for children who may be standing between cars and dart into traffic.
  • Children should wait for a crossing guard’s signal to cross. A crossing guard will make sure that traffic has come to a complete stop in both directions before letting children cross the street. If children are not paying attention, and cross too soon, it can result in serious injuries to the child, as well as the crossing guard.
  • Students should walk their bikes across the crosswalk. Experienced crossing guards urge students to walk their bikes across the crosswalk because they are easier to see if they are walking. If a motorist infringes on the crosswalk, they can easily drop the bike and run out of the way.
  • Students should wear weather-appropriate attire. When there is snow on the ground, crossing guards often help children over snowbanks when the roads have been plowed. Snow boots provide warmth, as well as proper traction.

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