Injuries Among Retail Workers

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Baltimore workers’ compensation lawyers discuss injuries among retail workers.AmTrust, a property and casualty insurer for small businesses, recently released a report that looked at Workers’ Compensation claims involving retail workers. The AmTrust’s Retail Risk Report specifically examined the most common hazards, types of injuries, and days of missed work in the retail industry. According to the report, retail employees miss an average of 24 days of work due to work-related injuries. Many of these injuries could have been prevented if workers were educated about important safety protocols and received the necessary training.

Researchers looked at over 20,000 Workers’ Compensation claims that resulted in loss payments from 2016 to 2018. The following were the injuries with the highest average payout:

  • Falls off ladders or scaffolding ($21,000)
  • Strains or repetitive motion injuries ($14,000)
  • Car accidents involving another vehicle (13,900)

Workers who had the greatest risk of injury included those in the meat, fish, and poultry markets, mainly due to the extremely sharp knives and power saws that they use every day. Other hazardous retail jobs included hardware store workers, who have to cut lumber, climb ladders, and load heavy items into pallets or cars; drivers, who often suffer soft tissue injuries, knee injuries, and upper extremity injuries; and people who work in barbershops and hair salons, who suffer injuries to the shoulders and thumbs, as well as cuts from sharp scissors and razors.

Other Study Results

 Data from the AmTrust study also revealed the following:

  • Injured workers missed an average of 24 days of work.
  • The most common injury involved strains, but the injuries with the highest average payout were slips and falls.
  • While older workers were injured less frequently due to their experience, their injuries tended to be more severe. They also took longer to recover from their injuries.
  • Workers between the ages of 18 to 30 had the highest number of reported injuries, but a lower overall payout and a shorter recovery time than older workers.
  • Because men tend to perform riskier tasks, they were more likely to file claims that have higher payouts.

The report also included the following best practices that employees can use to assess risk and ensure that they are providing a safe work environment for workers:

  • Make sure all workers are wearing the appropriate footwear for their job.
  • Keep all walking surfaces clean, dry, and free of any tripping hazards.
  • Keep all stock safely stored and provide any mechanical aids for transporting stock.
  • Ensure that all step ladders are in good working condition.
  • Provide training for safe lifting guidelines and provide regular reminders.
  • Notify employees of all emergency exit locations.
  • Keep all work areas well-lit and the pathways maintained.

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