How to Attract Generation Z Workers

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Baltimore workers’ compensation lawyers discuss how to attract generation Z workers.Just when employers figured out how to attract the brightest and the best millennials to work for them, the next generation of prospective employees are entering the workforce. Generation Z consists of teenagers and early 20-year-olds who have either already started working full time or are getting ready to enter the workforce. Like every generation, Generation Z has a set of ideas, values, and priorities that are unique to them. Employers who want to recruit these workers must understand what is most important to them and how they differ from previous generations.

According to a research director at Future Workplace, employers should expect to provide fair compensation and ensure that the employees care about their jobs and receive the training necessary to be successful. Generation Z has also placed a high value on flexibility. They want successful careers without compromising their social lives. Employers who create supportive work environments and act as mentors to their employees are more likely to inspire their workers and keep them on board, rather than looking elsewhere for employment.

 Recruiting Generation Z

  • Fifty-nine percent of Generation Z in the United States said that their top priority when considering a full-time job is salary. As they get older, salary becomes even more important.
  • Flexible schedules are also a top priority. With flexibility, they also want consistency and predictability.
  • While Generation Z appreciates perks, such as happy hours, gym reimbursements, and free snacks, they want traditional benefits like health care coverage, retirement plans, and life insurance.
  • Generation Z is turned off by delayed responses by employers, negative reviews online, workplaces that look dated, a negative customer service experience, and not being able to fill out an application on their phone.

Retaining Generation Z

  • Training and development are very important factors to Generation Z. They place a high value on constructive feedback from their employers, appreciate hands-on training, and want their managers to value their opinions.
  • To succeed and advance within the company, Generation Z wants their managers to set clear goals and expectations and provide regular check-ins during the first month of employment.
  • Generation Z appreciates money but doing a job they care about is just as important as their paycheck. One-third of Generation Z said that they do their best work when they care deeply about it. When rewarded for a job well done, Generation Z expects it to be a cash bonus.
  • Being able to develop and foster relationships with fellow employees is important to Generation Z.
  • Over half of Generation Z is motivated by financial insecurity. They also do not tolerate errors in their paychecks.

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