Bullying Impacts Workplace Safety

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Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers discuss how bullying impacts workplace safety.Most people encounter a difficult boss at some point in their career. It is something that most adults have to learn to deal with in a mature and professional way. However, there is a difference between a boss who is difficult, and one who bullies their employees on a regular basis. Workers who are bullied often feel stressed, anxious, and depressed. According to a study by researchers at Portland State University (PSU), this behavior can actually have a negative impact on workplace safety. If you have been bullied by your boss, and you feel that it created an unhealthy, toxic work environment, you are urged to contact an experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer.

Researchers surveyed 468 manufacturing technicians and 589 airline pilots to determine how their workplace safety was affected by the way they were treated at work by their bosses. According to a press release from PSU, researchers found that when workers were treated in a way that compromised their bonds with fellow employees, it had a negative impact on their workplace safety. Respondents said that bosses can have a positive or negative impact on their sense of belonging based on how they are treated. For example, if a worker is treated poorly, they feel less valued by the group, resulting in selfish behavior. When workers behave this way, they are more likely to overlook important safety rules, and risk being seriously injured.

Workers often become more sensitive when they are unsure about how they fit in with a group, said associate professor of industrial-organizational psychology at PSU. To prevent negative safety consequences, organizations need to address bad behavior among leaders and take steps to create and foster positive team dynamics. Researchers made the following recommendations:

  • Create training programs that improve interactions between bosses and employees. This will help encourage bosses to offer feedback and take disciplinary action in a way that is constructive rather than threatening or offensive.
  • Promote a civil and engaged work environment that helps strengthen the bonds among workers. This will also create a buffer between an employee and a boss who is behaving badly.
  • Ensure that the employee performance evaluation process is transparent so that there is less uncertainty about social status among employees.

All workers are entitled to a safe work environment, which includes being treated fairly and respectfully. When a boss or supervisor engages in bullying behavior, it has a negative impact on the workplace, and can result in serious injuries if it causes a worker to become distracted or overlook important safety protocols. A Workers’ Compensation lawyer can review your case and recommend the best legal course of action.

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