How Can I Tackle Workplace Burnout?

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Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers discuss workplace burnout. Everyone feels a little stressed out at work now and then. However, true cases of long-term burnout can lead to more than a few days of intense emotions. In fact, workplace burnout can lead to a host of physical and mental problems. For that reason, workers who suspect they are experiencing job-related burnout should take immediate steps to get back to a healthy lifestyle.

Common Signs of Burnout

Workplace burnout looks different for every employee. Some people who are under tremendous strain become workaholics, trying to do it all at the expense of their wellbeing. Others become withdrawn, afraid to accept anything or try new tasks. While no two people experience burnout in the same way, everyone should know the general indicators.

From a purely physical standpoint, stress can make it tough for the body to recover from daily responsibilities. Over time, muscle aches and soreness build to a heightened level. Eventually, the worker may try to compensate by moving in ways that are not ergonomically correct. Plenty of evidence suggests that personal or sick days are taken because workers are burned out and physically depleted.

Emotionally, burned out workers tend to make more mistakes. In industrial and manufacturing settings, this can lead to potentially dangerous situations for themselves and others. Additionally, stress may slow their reflexes and problem-solving skills, causing them to lose their productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

After experiencing burnout, many staff members simply give up and leave their jobs. Not only is this bad for them, but it causes higher than needed turnout levels for companies. Therefore, it makes smart business sense for organizations to look for the signs of stress in their employees. At the same time, employees should take care of themselves when they suspect burnout.

What to Do if You Experience Burnout

Any employee who is feeling truly burned out should get an evaluation from a doctor to rule out other conditions. The worker should also talk to human resources about the causes of the burnout, such as being asked to work too many double shifts, being expected to produce more with fewer resources, or other workplace issues. The employee should feel comfortable taking time off without concerns about retaliation. If the company does not respond to the employee’s needs, the answer may be to contact a Workers’ Compensation lawyer to make sure the employer is not in violation of laws governing staff working conditions and related factors.

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