Construction Work Zone Safety Tips – Infographic

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Spring is here which means road construction season has begun. As the weather continues to warm up, more and more work zones will appear. Construction workers have a dangerous job working close to motorists driving at high speeds. Workers also operate or work near large construction machinery and face risk of injury and death from construction equipment. According to the National Work Zone Safety Information Clearing House, there were 710 fatal work zone crashes and 799 work zone fatalities, including 132 worker fatalities in the U.S. 2017.

To help prevent construction worker injuries in work zones, the Maryland Workers’ Compensation lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton offer this infographic with injury statistics and tips for workers to stay safe.

Maryland workers’ compensation lawyers highlight work zone injury statistics and how to ensure worker safety.

If you are injured while working in a road construction zone, you may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits, including payments for lost wages and medical bills. Our experienced Maryland Workers’ Compensation lawyers will help you through all steps of the legal process and get you the compensation you deserve. Call us at 844-556-4LAW or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.