Workplace Injuries Occur Every Seven Seconds in the United States

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Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers discuss the occurrence of workplace injuries in the US. When it comes to workplace injuries, some industries have more work-related hazards than others. For example, construction workers are more likely to be injured on the job on any given day, compared to someone who works in an office environment.

In fact, the occupations that have the greatest risk of injuries include service workers, transportation and shipping, manufacturing, maintenance, and construction.

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), workplace injuries occur every seven seconds in this country.

Impact of Workplace Injuries

An injury occurring every seven seconds means that approximately 4,500,000 workers are injured on the job each year, which results in roughly 104,000,000 production days lost.

Consider the following additional statistics that show the impact of one worker injured every seven seconds:

  • Roughly 510 workers injured per hour
  • Approximately 12,300 workers injured each day
  • Nearly 86,500 workers injured each week

These injuries take an economic toll as well. According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), workplace injuries cost American businesses approximately $170 billion each year.

While major injuries, like amputations, were less common than others, they were the most expensive, costing over $100,000 per injury. Dislocation of a limb and electric shock injuries were also among the costliest injuries.

The most common causes of workplace injuries include the following:

  • Overexertion: Heavy lifting and repetitive motions can cause a range of injuries, from muscle strains and sprains; to neck, back and shoulder injuries.
  • Contact with heavy objects and equipment: Getting caught in or between objects, struck by an object, or crushed by heavy equipment or material can cause severe, often fatal injuries.
  • Slip and falls: Falls caused by wet, slippery surfaces, debris, or uneven surfaces, as well as falls from elevated surfaces, are a common cause of serious workplace injuries.

How to Avoid Injuries in the Workplace

Employers have a responsibility to provide a safe work environment. The following steps on the part of workers can help avoid common workplace injuries:

  • Avoid shortcuts. While it may be tempting to skip certain safety steps, particularly if a worker is in a hurry, that decision can have devastating consequences. For example, failing to use a safety harness can lead to a fatal fall if the worker loses their balance or slips.
  • Maintain clean, organized work spaces. When the work area is cluttered, there is a greater chance of injury. This is true for any work environment, from an office cubicle to a busy warehouse.
  • Use appropriate equipment. Workers should use the right equipment for the specific job. Failure to do so can lead to injuries like sprains, cuts and lacerations, and muscle pain. Additionally, employers must provide the proper training for all equipment.

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