How Societal Issues Impact Violence Against Teachers  

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Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers discuss how social issues can impact violence against teachers. In early November, a Baltimore City student punched a teacher in the face after allegedly fighting with another student. In a video that has since gone viral, the student appeared to be very angry about something. After another student attempted to restrain her, the student punched the teacher on the side of her face.

While the video is extremely disturbing to watch, unfortunately, incidents like this are not as uncommon as you might think, particularly in low-income, inner-city areas. For teachers who work in schools like this, dealing with violence in the classroom has become part of the job.

It is an unfortunate reality that children who live in low-income inner-cities often either endure or witness violence in their everyday lives. This can have an extremely negative impact on their ability to control their emotions when they come to school. Oftentimes, they will disrupt class, use offensive language, and, in some cases, resort to physical violence, like the incident that was captured in the video.

This growing pattern of violent behavior in schools puts teachers at risk of being seriously injured while trying to do their job.

Teaching Versus Policing

In order to be a successful educator, a teacher must find a way to establish relationships with their students based on mutual respect. Students must understand that there are rules that need to be followed, and that there will be consequences if they are not.

Unfortunately, too many students are bombarded with negative influences in their home life, and they bring this with them into the classroom. This puts teachers in the position of having to police their students, rather than educate them. A situation can quickly become dangerous if the student is physically stronger than the teacher, if he or she is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if the student has a weapon.

Fortunately, the Baltimore City teacher who was punched by her student did not suffer any serious injuries, although she had just returned to school after recovering from surgery. She publicly forgave the student for physically harming her, and she plans to return to the school. Other teachers who work in similar environments also face the threat of violence every day. Some suffer serious injuries at the hands of their students.

When a teacher is physically injured while on the job, they may be eligible to receive Workers’ Compensation benefits, which will cover the cost of lost wages, medical expenses, and other expenses related to the workplace injury. A skilled Baltimore Workers’ Compensation lawyer can walk you through the claims process, and address all your questions and concerns.

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