Bethesda Construction Site Accident Ends in Tragic Fatality  

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Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers weigh in on a recent Bethesda Maryland contruction accident that resulted in a fatality. A 43-year-old construction worker suffered a fatal injury while working at a construction site in Bethesda in early October. The accident occurred while the worker was in the process of dismantling a pressurized tank. One of the pipes that was attached to the tank came loose and struck the worker.

Emergency medical technicians rushed the injured worker to the local hospital, but the injuries were too severe, and he did not survive.

Unfortunately, this is just one example of how dangerous construction sites can be. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the construction industry has more work-related fatalities than any other industry.

The majority of construction fatalities are caused by what is commonly known as “The Fatal Four,” which includes falls, electrocutions, struck-by-object, and caught-in-between.

It was a struck-by-object accident that fatally injured the Bethesda construction worker. These serious accidents are responsible for three out of every five fatal accidents that occur at construction sites.

A Closer Examination of The Fatal Four

Falls: These are the most common cause of fatal injuries in the construction industry, accounting for more than 35 percent of total deaths. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), establishing better fall prevention safety protocols can save over 400 lives each year.

Examples of safety improvements include installing guardrails, fall arrest systems, safety nets, and restraint systems.

Electrocution: Workers can get fatally electrocuted by power lines, inadequate grounding, improper use of equipment, and faulty power cords. It is crucial for workers to use the appropriate safety equipment. Employers must post a list of all electrical hazards on site to warn workers of a potential danger.

Struck-by-object: Serious, fatal injuries can occur from being hit by flying, falling, swinging, or rolling objects at a construction site, such as what befell the construction working in Bethesda.

Workers should be properly trained on the latest safety protocols, and always avoid positioning themselves between a moving object and a fixed object.

Caught-in-between: These accidents occur when a trench or excavation collapses, trapping the worker; or when a worker gets caught in or between pieces of equipment. This can cause serious injuries, including being crushed between shifting objects, or caught in large, heavy machinery.

Workers should always use the proper safety gear and protective equipment. Employers should enforce the safety standards and provide the appropriate training when necessary.

Fatality Prevention

Preventing fatal accidents at construction sites requires ongoing reinforcement of safety protocols. Employers are urged to train and remind workers of the latest OSHA guidelines. Further, employers should post signs throughout the work area that highlight common safety requirements that apply to a particular job or a specific piece of equipment that is being used.

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