Can I Vacation While Receiving Workers’ Compensation Benefits?

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Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers discuss vacationing while receiving work injury benefits. Summer is in full swing, which means families across the country are taking their much-anticipated summer vacations. From relaxing trips to the beach to camping in the mountains, summer is the time to enjoy the warm sun and the longer days with friends and loved ones.

However, if you are collecting Workers’ Compensation benefits for an injury you sustained while on the job, there are some things you should be aware of before taking a summer vacation.

The simple answer to the question, “can I take vacation while collecting Workers’ Compensation benefits?” is yes. You can and should continue to enjoy life, even if you are recovering from an injury. However, it is imperative that you avoid any activities that could aggravate your injury, or impact the recovery process. If you participate in activities that your doctor recommended that you avoid, you run the risk of losing your benefits, either temporarily or permanently.

It is also extremely important that you keep all of your scheduled appointments with doctors, physical therapists, counsellors, or any other professional that is responsible for treating your injury. Make sure that your vacation does not cause you to miss any of these important appointments.

Even rescheduling an appointment because you will be away on vacation is often frowned upon by insurance companies and can cause you to lose your benefits. Once they are stopped, it is very difficult to have them restored.

Not Worth the Risk

When you are on vacation, it is very tempting to participate in whatever the rest of your group is doing, even if it goes against the advice of your doctor. For example, it you are at the beach, and the rest of the family is jet skiing, water skiing, or riding the waves on boogie boards, it is tempting to join in the fun.

It is important for you to understand that insurance companies often hire investigators to monitor claimants, to make sure they are not engaging in activities that go against doctor’s restrictions. Even if there is no investigator, one picture of you waterskiing, or falling off of a jet ski posted on Facebook or any other social media outlets, and you could lose your benefits.

The bottom line is that you can take a vacation while collecting Workers’ Compensation benefits, but you need to be smart about your level of activity, and avoid missing any important appointments. Use good judgment and keep in mind that travel can be exhausting, particularly if you will be standing in long lines, or doing a great deal of walking. An experienced Workers’ Compensation lawyer can answer any questions you might have about traveling while collecting benefits.

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