Wearable Technology to Prevent Injuries

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Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers discuss wearable techonology as a way to prevent workplace injuries From Fitbits to Apple Watches, wearable technology is growing by leaps and bounds. Recently, there have been a number of technological breakthroughs in wearable technology that are having a significant impact on the Workers’ Compensation industry. By tracking and measuring a worker’s movements, the technology can help prevent workplace injuries. In addition, it can keep routine injuries from becoming more serious, and improve the long-term health and independence of workers who have suffered serious injuries.

Wearable technology can help employees in numerous ways, including the following:

  • Monitor a worker’s posture
  • Track the type and amount of exercise
  • Determine whether equipment is being used incorrectly

For example, lower back pain is a very common complaint among injured workers, particularly those who work in retail, manufacturing, warehouses, and construction. In many cases, an injury occurs as a result of too much twisting and turning, as well as incorrect body positioning when lifting large, heavy objects. If a worker does not bend at the knee when lifting an object, the wearable technology will be able to track and measure the extent of a soft-tissue injury. In addition, the device will vibrate if the worker is moving incorrectly or using an incorrect lifting technique.

Wearable Technology Helps Employers Track Injuries

The technology can be extremely beneficial to employers because it helps them understand exactly what employees are doing when the injury occurred, allowing them to eliminate the issue, if possible, and develop a targeted training program that addresses specific areas of concern. According to the founder and CEO of Modjoul Inc., the company that introduced the device, employers want to know how to eliminate injuries in the workforce. This technology will help them achieve that.

This type of wearable technology also provides a “black box reading” three minutes before and three minutes after an injury has occurred. This provides the employer with important information about the timing of the injury, and what the worker was doing when the injury occurred. The main goal of the technology is to protect workers by preventing workplace injuries.

Ultimately, it is hoped that this technology helps more employees continue to work, for as many years as they can, without becoming seriously injured.

Other Wearable Tech

Other wearable technology, already in use on construction sites, has been effective in preventing accidents. Combined with effective training, these devices can potentially help prevent a significant number of workplace injuries.

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