Widow Urges Caution in Work Zones

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Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers weigh in on work zone accidents and the steps we can take to avoid them. A Maryland woman recently suffered a tragic loss when her husband, who was a state highway worker, was struck by a truck while cleaning debris off the road. According to the victim’s widow, the truck driver was not paying attention to the road and drifted over the safety line where her husband was working in the work zone. After being projected 175 feet from the impact, her husband was pronounced dead at the scene. To help prevent other tragic accidents like this from happening, she is hoping to convince drivers to slow down, pay attention, and use caution when driving through work zones.

Work zone accidents are completely preventable if motorists obey the reduced speed limit signs, stay off their phones, and pay close attention to the workers, who are often working dangerously close to high speed traffic. Over a three-year period, 34 workers lost their lives in work zone accidents. Last year alone, 14 workers were fatally injured in the state of Maryland while performing various tasks on road construction sites.

Tips to Avoid Work Zone Accidents

 Work zone employees can take proactive steps to protect themselves from the potential hazards of doing road work on a busy highway.

  • Develop a transportation management plan that includes a temporary traffic control plan that reroutes traffic around the work zone. There should also be a plan that manages the flow of equipment within the work zone.
  • Set up warning signs alerting drivers that there are changing driving conditions ahead. There should be a transition area set up by using cones or other equipment to close lanes or shift traffic, a buffer area, the work zone, and a termination area that signals the end of the work zone.
  • The work zones should be separated into areas for material storage, heavy equipment, parking, and areas designated safe for workers.
  • Always wear the proper safety equipment, including hard hats, steel toed boots, reflective clothing, and hearing protection if necessary.
  • Always pay close attention to your surroundings, including traffic and any heavy equipment that is being operated within the work zone.
  • Avoid walking near equipment that may have a blind spot, including dump trucks, excavators, pavers, and rollers.
  • Make sure there is a person on site who can identify workplace hazards and is authorized to take the necessary steps to eliminate them.
  • Begin each work day with a brief safety meeting that addresses the work activity scheduled for that day.
  • Drink plenty of water. Working outside in the summer heat can cause a range of heat-related illnesses if workers do not stay adequately hydrated. In addition to water, drinking other liquids like Gatorade or coconut water helps replace electrolytes that workers lose when they sweat profusely.

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