As Construction Season Approaches Proceed with Caution

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Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers warn of the dangers of the approaching construction season. Spring has finally sprung, and the warmer weather is here to stay. This also means that it is construction season, so in addition to green grass and brightly colored flowers in full bloom, you can expect to see more orange cones as you drive to work, drop the kids off at school, or run errands. With the rise in construction projects, safety officials are urging motorists to use extra caution, particularly as they approach construction zones. The failure to drive safely and slowly can put construction workers at risk of serious injuries.

While construction projects are popping up all over the country this time of year, Maryland is getting ready for its busiest construction season ever. In fact, there are over 500 active projects scheduled across the state, with a budget of approximately $3.7 billion. Commuters may have to prepare for an increase in traffic congestion in these construction zones, but ultimately, the projects will improve the flow of traffic. According to the administrator of the Maryland State Highway Administration, these projects are going to keep Maryland’s roads safer and keep traffic moving.

One project that is already in the works is the $7.3 million replacement of the Mt. Caramel Bridge. When the project is complete, it will open to traffic over I-83. While the construction is being done, a temporary bridge has been constructed to keep the crew safely separated from high speed traffic. However, according the Henry Alfred, Chief of Occupational Safety and Health, low-speed work zone accidents occur just as often as high-speed accidents and can cause serious injuries to workers.

More Projects, More Risks to Workers

Unfortunately, as the number of construction projects increases during the warmer months, so does the risk of serious construction accidents. Too often, motorists do not slow down, or pay close enough attention to their surroundings as they approach a construction zone. Oftentimes, they are speeding, talking on their phone, or texting instead of reducing their speed and paying close attention to their surroundings. Over 50 people were fatally injured in construction zone accidents in Maryland over the past six years. Fourteen of those fatalities occurred last year alone.

Drivers should automatically reduce their speed whenever they see a work zone sign. In addition to slowing down, drivers should pay close attention to their environment and be prepared for the unexpected to happen. Drivers can also download an app called Road Ready, which will provide an alternate route to drivers so that they can avoid construction zones. This is another tool that can help keep drivers and construction workers safe.

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