Safety Challenges Due to High Turnover

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Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers weigh in on high turnover rates being a challenge for workplace safety. For employers to provide a safe work environment and prevent workplace injuries, they must have the proper training protocols in place for their employees. Some of the most serious workplace accidents occur when an employee fails to take appropriate safety precautions or is untrained on particular equipment. In certain industries, however, there is such a high rate of employee turnover that any effort made by employers to train their staff is undermined by a revolving door of workers.

The industries that see some of the highest turnover rates include retail, restaurant, and hospitality. Many of these jobs tend to be seasonal, and some workers may have language barriers that can cause communication problems. According to a 2018 CLM & Business Insurance Retail, Restaurant & Hospitality Conference, some of the most common causes of workplace accidents and injuries in these industries include cuts, falls, burns, pulling and pushing, and falling objects.

How to Avoid Safety Risks

Experts say there are several things to consider when addressing these safety issues. Bob Bowman, director of risk management for The Wendy’s Company, discussed three ways to improve safety in the workplace:

  • Take steps to control the environment and reduce or eliminate the causes of loss.
  • Create policies, procedures, and education programs that ensure employees who are part of the environment know what is expected of them and how to conduct themselves in that environment.
  • Anticipate a certain degree of human error and be proactive about developing ways to avoid mistakes.

Retaining employees can also be challenging in industries such as retail. For example, when a worker finds out he or she can make more money doing the same job at another retail store they may choose to leave. If that worker had been trained by a manager or supervisor only to walk out the door, the time and training invested in that worker was wasted. According to a risk manager for Pacific Sunwear, manager turnover is particularly problematic because it leaves associates unsure about accident procedures when there is not an on-site manager trained to handle the situation.

To stay up to date on current safety issues, it suggested that employers choose a safety topic each month and discuss it with associates. Aligning safety training with the company’s operations team can successfully reduce workplace accidents. Unfortunately, shoplifting is a safety issue that is common in the retail industry. If the shoplifter appears violent or threatening, employees should never risk their life for a piece of merchandise. Rather than trying to stop the shoplifter, the employee should allow them to leave and then notify the police.

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