Document All Injuries When Hurt at Work

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Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers offer advice on properly documenting a work injury in order to claim comepnsation . Oftentimes, when someone suffers a work injury, they only report the part of the body that was injured the most severely. For example, if a worker brakes an ankle after falling off a ladder, but also feels pain in their wrist from trying to break the fall, they may only report the broken ankle.

While this is a common mistake, it can have a negative impact on the amount of Workers’ Compensation benefits the injured worker receives. Even if the other injuries seem minor compared to the more severe injury, it is still extremely important to document any pain or discomfort that could be connected to the accident.

Importance of Reporting

One reason why it is so important to report all aches or pains following an injury is that some injuries that seem minor initially can develop into something more serious. In some cases, they can be indicative of a more severe, or underlying injury.

This is particularly true with back and neck injuries. For example, if you injure your back after lifting a heavy item without positioning your body correctly, the nerve damage from the back injury can cause pain and discomfort in your legs. If you do not report the pain in your legs, and you receive Workers’ Compensation benefits for the back injury only, you will not be covered for any medical treatment you receive for the leg injury. It is much more difficult to amend your original claim documentation that it is to report all injuries in the initial claim.

Importance of Documentation

Providing a detailed, thorough injury report is crucial to obtaining the full Workers’ Compensation benefits you deserve. Before submitting the claim form, double check the report and make sure all of the information is accurate and correct.

Sometimes an overworked emergency room physician or nurse may include the wrong body part in the report or leave out important information about the injury. If you do not carefully review the report before submitting your claim, the insurance company may use this information to discredit your injury or question the cause of the injury.

Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton Urge Injured Workers to Document and Report All Injuries

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