Work-Related Travel and Personal Health

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Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers discuss a workers personal health and work-related travel. Business travel may seem like a glamorous and exciting perk to a job, particularly if it involves traveling overseas or to a city that boasts a buzzing nightlife, fabulous restaurants, and unique sights. In reality, however, business travel can be exhausting and can put workers at risk for developing a range of health issues, including insomnia, weight gain, hypertension, and certain viruses.

Unfortunately, many employees are too concerned about losing their job to cut back on travel, and corporations have not made policy changes that involve limiting travel or offering upgrades that prevent many of these health issues. Workers’ Compensation benefits are available to those who are suffering from health issues stemming from work-related travel.

An Unhealthy Lifestyle

Business trips tend to involve meetings, on-the-go meals, and presentations with little time for exercise or the recommended eight hours of sleep. Jet lag and insomnia are common, especially when traveling to different time zones. Stress and exhaustion can disrupt the body’s ability to fight infection, leading to a wide range of illnesses.

According to Dr. Martin Cetron, director of the division of global migration and quarantine at the CDC, the effect travel has on noncommunicable disease is something that warrants more research.

In a study entitled, “Business Travel Linked to Obesity and Poor Health,” two doctors tracked the body mass index, LDL cholesterol, and self-rated healthiness of over 13,000 business travelers. Catherine Richard is a doctor at Boston Health Economics and Dr. Andrew Rundle is a professor of epidemiology at Columbia University.

They found that the people who had the worst health were those who traveled the most and people who did not travel at all. The frequent travelers regularly ate unhealthy airport food, rarely exercised, and often suffered from jetlag, whereas non-travelers may have been suffering from chronic health conditions that prevented them from traveling at all.


Over time, the consequences of business travel can take its toll on a person’s home life and their career. A 2015 Harvard Business Review article reported that frequent business travel can cause premature aging and increase the likelihood of a stroke or heart attack. Over 70 percent of the study participants reported unhealthy lifestyle symptoms including poor diet, stress, gastrointestinal problems, lack of exercise and excessive drinking, all of which can have a negative impact on job performance.

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