The Deadliest Jobs in America

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Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: The Deadliest Jobs in AmericaInjuries from any job can give rise to a viable claim for Workers’ Compensation benefits. Even office workers can be diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, a type of repetitive motion injury. However, some jobs are inherently dangerous, like construction work, manufacturing, and restaurant work, to name just a few. Recently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics updated its Census of Fatal Occupation Injuries, and listed the top 20 deadliest jobs in the United States.

The Five Deadliest Jobs

According to this list, the most dangerous job is logging. The Bureau reports that there are over 132 fatal injuries per 100,000 occupied loggers. This is likely because loggers deal with heavy machinery, rapidly changing weather conditions, and large falling trees.

Following closely behind are fishermen. These workers perform an extremely dangerous job, with approximately 55 fatalities per 100,000 fishermen. Like loggers, they face rapidly shifting weather conditions. Fishermen are known to fall overboard or become tangled in their fishing lines and other equipment.

Not surprisingly, pilots and flight engineers are third on the list. Planes can malfunction and crash, and when this happens, the odds of survival are slim.

The fourth most dangerous job is roofing. Roofers work up high, usually with little safety equipment, and just one wrong step can be fatal. Hot weather conditions can lead to disorientation, increasing the risk of injury.

Trash collectors are next on the list, coming in fifth. They come into contact with all types of dangerous bacteria, and frequently are struck by impatient drivers who try to swerve quickly around their trucks.

The Deadliest Jobs Affect a Variety of Industries

Steelworkers come in sixth, with nearly 30 fatalities per 100,000 employed in the field. Largely, these fatal injuries can be attributed to falls and electrocution accidents.

Truck drivers are at a high risk, often because they are required to drive long hours while fatigued. Equipment failure is another cause for the high number of trucker fatalities.

Farmers and migrant agricultural workers do an important, but inherently dangerous job. They work with dangerous equipment, such as large tractors and combine harvesters.

Men and women who work around electric and telecommunication wiring lines are at a high risk of fatalities caused by electrocution, falls, and strangulation.

Tenth on the list are tree-trimmers, landscapers and lawn maintenance workers. Out of every 100,000 landscapers and arborists, there are 18.1 fatalities. Working high up around falling tree branches, with sharp machinery, and around electrical wires proves to be deadly in many unfortunate cases.

Taxi drivers occupy the 11th spot on the list. They are often a target of robbery attempts, and although they can be involved in fatal car accidents, they are largely on this list due to the high murder rate within the occupation.

Construction workers and electricians are next. These workers are most often fatally injured in falls, blows, being struck by heavy objects, and electrocution accidents.

Thirteenth on the list are miners, followed closely behind by mechanics, firefighters, police officers, custodians, pest control specialists, factory workers, athletes, architects and engineers, and social workers.

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