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Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: New Law Workplace SafetyEarlier this month, Governor Larry Hogan signed a new bill into law that codifies Maryland’s Voluntary Protection Program (VPP). According to the Voluntary Protection Programs Participants Association (VPPPA), voluntary compliance in workplace safety reduces work-related injury and illness rates and is also shown to boost morale and improve the employer-employee relationship.

The concept of VPP is predicated on the acknowledgement that enforcement alone cannot achieve all the objectives set out by the Occupational Safety and Health Act. VPP incorporates comprehensive safety and health management programs into the total management system.

The Maryland bill was passed unanimously by the General Assembly making Maryland the fourth state in the nation to make the VPP permanent. Indiana, Virginia and Arizona already have such laws. The House of Representatives in North Carolina passed a VPP Act that is on its way to the Senate. Executive Director of VPPPA, Mike Maddox, notes that VPP is one issue that both labor and management, Democrats and Republicans, can all support.

The VPPPA offers a variety of events geared toward worker safety education. In addition to the annual national conference, there are also regional conferences where safety and health professionals gather to share ideas and best practices. Throughout the year they also provide webinars to members on various safety related issues which are available for download. The Best Practices Directory is a resource for members to research programs which could be implemented at their own worksites.

There are twenty-six states with VPP programs. California’s was started back in 1978 and in 1981 the Occupational Safety and Health Administration adopted the program. Nationally, one million workers over 2,200 worksites and 700 unions enjoy the benefits of VPP programs and Congress has introduced VPP legislation that has bipartisan support.

In Maryland, the VPP is run by the Maryland Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH). After a company commits to operate a program that meets VPP criteria, MOSH does an initial verification of the application and an onsite review. The employees must also commit to participation in the program and to work together with management to maintain a safe workplace. After a successful application, the company receives public recognition from MOSH. Every three to five years the program is reevaluated to ensure that VPP requirements are being met. By recognizing the outstanding achievements of participating employers, MOSH hopes to inspire others to follow suit and establish their own VPP programs.

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