Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Animal Attack Injuries

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Animal attacks can cause a wide range of injuries, from minor cuts and scratches to deep wounds, head trauma, and disfigurement. According to the Centers for Disease Control, dog bites alone account  for approximately 4.5 injuries across the country. If you were attacked by someone’s pet, in most cases you would file a personal injury claim to cover any medical costs. However, if the attack happened while you were on the job, your injuries would most likely be covered under your employer’s Workers’ Compensation plan.

Animal attacks can happen when you least expect it, especially if you work outdoors, or if your job includes working with animals. Due to the nature of their job, the following workers are more susceptible to animal and insect bites:

  • Veterinarians and assistants
  • Home healthcare workers
  • Animal trainers
  • Groomers
  • Animal control workers
  • Construction workers – may come across a range of stinging insects or feral, potentially rabid animals at construction sites
  • School teachers – at risk if there is a class pet or if the class visits an animal exhibit
  • Employees of zoos and nature centers

Whether you have been bitten by a dog or stung by an insect, the injuries can range from mild to severe, particularly if you do not seek treatment right away. The following are examples of injuries and health complications that employees can suffer from as a result of an animal attack or insect sting:

  • Rabies
  • Head trauma
  • Scarring
  • Disfigurement
  • Serious wounds that can become infected
  • Lyme Disease, West Nile virus, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and other insect-related illnesses
  • Serious, or fatal reactions to insect or spider bites

In extreme cases, an animal bite or insect sting can be fatal. Certain bacteria in an animal’s saliva can be deadly, and bee stings can cause anaphylaxis in someone who has an allergy to bees. Workers’ Compensation benefits for animal bites or stings generally covers the medical expenses if the injury occurred while the employee was on duty.

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