Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers: Telecommuters Work Injury

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Thanks to the latest advances in technology, more people are working from home than ever. The convenience and flexibility of telecommuting are appealing to many employees, allowing them to avoid long commutes to the office. However, when it comes to being injured on the job in Maryland and your “office” is your home, you may wonder if you are eligible for the same Workers’ Compensation benefits as other workers. While cases like this are uncommon, Workers’ Compensation will likely cover any injuries as long as they occurred while performing a task that was directly work-related.

Some of the most common injuries that employees suffer in an office environment can occur just as easily in a home office, including the following:

  • Neck pain
  • Back injuries
  • Stress
  • Migraines
  • Repetitive motion injuries

Assuming the injury took place while performing a job-related task, a telecommuter will most likely be covered under Workers’ Compensation. Some examples of individuals who were injured while working from home and eligible for Workers’ Compensation benefits:

  • A professor who became injured after slipping on papers while working in the home office.
  • An interior decorator who injured herself after lifting boxes of fabric samples.
  • A woman who was assaulted in her kitchen while taking a lunch break.

Like any other workplace injury, it is important that a telecommuter report the injury to their employer as soon as possible, ideally in writing. The document should provide as much detailed information about the injury as possible. This will provide the employer with the information they need to file a claim with the company’s Workers’ Compensation insurance company. If your claim is denied, or you experience resistance from your employer, our Baltimore Workers’ Compensation lawyers can walk you through the claims process and make sure that you receive the benefits you deserve.

Baltimore Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton Help Telecommuters Obtain Benefits

If you have been injured while working from home, you are entitled to the same Workers’ Compensation benefits as people who work on site, as long as the injury occurred while performing a work-related task. Baltimore Workers’ Compensation lawyers at LeViness, Tolzman & Hamilton are skilled at navigating the complex claims process and will ensure that you receive the maximum allowable benefits that you deserve. For a free consultation, call us today at 844-556-4LAW (4529) or contact us online.