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Ever wonder how much your foot is worth? How about your ring finger? According to a recent report, the answer may depend on what state you live in. Research conducted by the non-profit public interest group ProPublica has indicated that injured workers in Maryland may be eligible for some of the highest Workers’ Compensation awards in the nation. However, not every injury is treated equally.

Workers’ Compensation is a state-mandated insurance program that provides compensation to public and private employees who have suffered accidental injuries. Every state has its own laws and procedures governing Workers’ Compensation cases, including maximum caps for particular injuries such as lost limbs, damaged hearing, and occupational diseases. These rates can differ drastically from state to state, and the determination of awards is largely dependent on the specifics of the injury as well as the worker’s average weekly wage.

For example, if a worker in Maryland loses his arm in a job-related accident, he may be entitled to a maximum award of $301,600, nearly twice the national average. A lost foot is worth up to $251,802 in Maryland, but only $35,235 in Massachusetts. This may sound like good news for Marylanders, but in reality, most injured workers never see these maximum figures.

A total loss of a limb is fortunately a rare occurrence. It is much more likely that a worker will suffer a serious injury to a limb. These injuries are calculated differently than total amputations, even if the worker has lost all use of the body part. This can make calculating the correct amount of compensation for the injury extremely complicated. For this reason, it is highly advisable that those who have been hurt on the job seek the assistance of an experienced Baltimore Workers’ Compensation lawyer to ensure that maximum benefits are achieved.

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